User Experience

Can people use your website the way you want them to? Are your website visitors distracted by hurdles on the way to becoming your customers? Do I have to navigate through more pages than necessary to get where you ultimately want me to be on your site? If your site process could be more elegant, we'll tell you how to eliminate customer confusion. Don't make them think.

We work with you to determine your goals, develop metrics to measure them, analyze your site, generate a plan... test and refine. Would you like a hypothetical usability case study?



Usability Case Study

You sell an imaginary product called a widget. You've used SEO to get to the first page of Google for important search phrases. Your web traffic has shot through the roof, but your sales are still lagging. Your widgets aren't overpriced, so you know it's not a simple matter of market economics. People are buying widgets, but not yours! Something is wrong, but what?

User Testing and Analytics

First we'll setup a couple Google Experiments (multivariate testing) to figure out what works best for the most important pages on your site. Then, we will implement affordable user testing to determine what people are actually thinking while on your site. Can they find your call to action? Do they know what you want them to do? Once we've reacted to the conscious consumer, we'll make sure you're using traffic/user analytics solutions (like Google Analytics... it's free! ...or more robust paid analytics suites like Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends, etc.) to measure more specific information about your actual visitors. Who buys? How did they find you? What terms did they search for to get to your site? When users leave your site without purchasing, which page was the last page they saw? Why did they fail to heed your call to action (CTA) and how can we better funnel them where you want them to go?

Secondary Metrics

If people sometimes purchase your product offline (e.g. at a store,) we can still track online analytics goals representing user actions that likely lead to sales down the line: How many people downloaded your pamphlet, and how did they find you? If people send you a question or contact you, what were they searching for? Etc. We can even use analytics to track your offline sales. If you want to know the entire sales conversion continuity, from first touch to last, we can do that.

We might find that a couple of your search terms are converting visitors to sales very well while others are not. We'd realign your SEO campaign to focus more on high-converting terms. We also dig deeper for boutique, niche search terms to find the high-converting gems in the rough.

We'll also look for inefficient traffic funnels that could indicate poor usability: If your site makes it too difficult to buy your widgets, we'll streamline things to get people to the checkout faster. We also assess your checkout process: Is it secure? If not, that's surely driving sales to your competitors. Are there too many pages in your shopping cart checkout? Is the information poorly organized? We create and manage consumer focus groups to get real-world feedback on your customers' interaction with your web site.

Custom Usability Plan

Does your site need some typography love to keep visitors reading? Whatever it takes we will create a usability plan custom tailored to your business. We'll test it and use the results to fine tune until your sales match your SEO-juiced traffic! for a free usability or SEO consultation.

This site's usability?

Why doesn't this site practice what it preaches? This site exists so our coders, writers and social gurus have something to put on their resumes. To date we've gotten all of our business through word of mouth. This site is trash. We know. We're not proud.