Learn About SEO

This SEO explanation starts out simple and then gets...well, complicated. But with a little time and research you can understand all of the steps in quality SEO. (Or you can just hire somebody to do it!)

Let's say you sell an imaginary product called a widget. You have a web site but it's a Google laggard, wasting away far down in the Google results. You type "widgets" into Google but to find your Google listing you have to click "next" so many times you know that nobody else is going to go through the trouble. You contact and say, "Help my site rank better!" We say, "Okay! Here's how."



What is SEO?

Keyword Research

First we'll help you identify the best keywords using real world information. We subscribe to multiple databases of actual searches performed on major search engines. We determine how many people are really searching for key phrases each day and how many other sites are competing with you for that traffic. If we find that too many other sites are competing with you for the 'naked' term "widgets", (making it too costly for your site to jump quickly from zero to hero,) we'll recommend more affordable, perhaps geographically targeted (geotargeted) keywords to get you a better ROI on your SEO investment. E.g. If you largely sell widgets from your stores in northern California, we'd look for greater efficacy in terms like "California widgets" "northern California widgets" "Santa Rosa widgets" etc.

After we've determined the best terms for your SEO initial campaign we'll adjust or add important invisible elements to your web site. Meta description, title, alt and other tags are key to SEO. We'll also ensure you're site uses best practices in headlines, body content, keyword density, etc.

Content is King

We'll craft excellent optimized content for your existing pages and/or create new pages for your site. ...All the while increasing the quantity of quality links to your site. Not all links are created equally, and they're often the single greatest element of effective SEO.

We validate the code on your pages, rename pages and apply 301 redirects when necessary. We create and syndicate an XML sitemap and robots,txt file to make sure Google knows about all of the pages on your site. If creating relevant new content will help you rank better, we'll create it! We'll recommend an SEO-friendly host, list you in Google Places, Google Maps, and make sure your products are available for purchase through Google Products. At the end of every month we create creative, easy-to-understand, custom SEO reports on your campaign's progress. The list goes on, but this list is a good chunk of it. You don't need to fully understand all of it, but we're happy to explain more to our valuable clients.

SEO isn't what it used to be. In the post penguin/panda/hummingbird world, you need somebody who knows what that means and how to make your website thrive in it.

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