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SEO-Friendly Hosting

fficient recommends Calico Hosting for the best SEO-friendly hosting. Calico clients get a dedicated IP address, huge uptime, redundancy and a powerful custom made control panel. ...Or at least we did, until they moved on to other endeavors ;)



Why worry about SEO-Friendly Web Hosting?

Cheap hosts put thousands of web sites on a single server with a single shared IP address. Studies have shown that a dedicated single IP address is important to ranking well. "... although only 3% of web sites are on dedicated IP's, well over 90% of the top-50 results in the search engines are sites having dedicated IP numbers." Studies confirmed this observation by converting sites from a shared IP to a dedicated IP resulting in "significant ranking' increases".

Additionally, if your host is down, search engine spiders can't reach your site, causing your rankings to suffer. Finding a reliable host is important to SEO.

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