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SEO Clients

fficient has worked extensively with the following firms' clients.
(None are responsible this crappy site, so don't judge them, yet!)

Eden - One of Ohio's oldest web outfits.

WeGo - Affordable marketing.

Epic9 - Web story-tellers.

Continuum - Design and marketing.

7th Floor - Small Shop. Big Thinking.

Anthology - One of most respected marketing firms in Hawaii.


Private Clients

In addition to our work with clients from the firms above, we work with a select group of private SEO clients. We only list the names of our individual clients if they ask to be identified here. Our privacy policy is top notch.

Why would a SEO client not want to be listed here? Admitting you're actively doing SEO isn't beneficial. Who wants to tip their hand to competitors and Google? We'll reluctantly list all clients here if they don't mind showing Google what's up their sleeves.

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