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About fficient

Dan Dreifort created fficient in 2006. Dan's been working in the mysterious system of tubes known as the Internet since 1996 when he played a minor but serendipitous role in founding an early ISP. He co-founded web marketing house Eden Marketing in 2001. In 2007 he formed Calico Hosting to address an under-served hosting segment. He's been honing his web skills for over two decades and serves on the advisory board for one of the first college e-business programs. Dan Dreifort spends his free time making music and loving San Diego... when he's not geeking out to the latest news in usability and SEO.

Our SEO Team & This site

fficient employs top notch coders, consultants and copywriters to help you quickly reach your goals. Our team uses best practices to ensure your success. In fact, this website is expressly for our team. Yep. Made it so they'd have something to put on their resume other than, "Did some obscure computer-ish marketing work for Dan after signing an NDA." So please excuse the dust.

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